The New Hampshire is The University of New Hampshire undergraduate newspaper that services not only UNH but the town of Durham and surrounding communities and is distributed on the UNH campus and to the surrounding communities of Durham, New Hampshire, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Dover, New Hampshire, and Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Ken Johnson was a contributing writer, then a staff writer during his time as an undergraduate at The University of New Hampshire. After retiring he continued to contribute until his graduation in 2015 and occasionally after graduation.

Foster's Daily Democrat is the Dover, New Hampshire, newspaper that served Dover and Rochester, New Hampshire. The New Hampshire had a content sharing deal with them. Ken Johnson never worked for Foster's but they printed some of his articles from The New Hampshire.

The Green Alliance is a public relations organization that brings together businesses in the New Hampshire Seacoast Region that operate environmentally responsibly and customers that are looking for environmentally responsible businesses.

Ken Johnson was a writing intern for the Green Alliance during the final semester of his senior year at college and got to talk with and get to know a lot of the businesses that are members of the Green Alliance and learn about why they feel environmentally responsible is better.

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